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Sheila Maid Sheila Maid Sheila Maid

Sheila Maid

Sheila Maid



Sheila Maid air dryers save space and reduce your carbon footprint. Use it to dry herbs, linens, or hang light weight items to save space. It hangs on an ingenious pulley system that allows you to raise and lower it as needed. It is light weight and easy to install with just a drill and bit. The iconic energy saving Sheila Maid®  dryer uses the original curved shape cast iron rack ends that have been a part of the British household for over 100 years. It comes complete with everything you need to install it: wooden rails, 2 cast iron rack ends, a single pulley, a double pulley, a cleat hook and a 10m Pulley Rope. 

Dimensions | 42" L x 15.5" W

Not suitable to install in concrete ceilings or beams.

Made in the UK