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Our Story

Hello there! Thank you for being here. I’m Amanda, mother of four and founder of this little shop called Homesong Market. What began as a lofty dream and a handful of beautiful ideas, has slowly grown with patient tending and consistent care over the past few years into what it is today. As the saying goes, “Good things take time,” and this sweet shop is certainly no exception to that wise, old adage.

Homesong Market officially started out with humble roots back in 2019, living smack dab in the center of our bustling home in the heart of the Midwest. As an extension of my blog, Homesong: Simple Things Done With Care, the shop became a general store of sorts, offering sustainable home wares that inspired slow, intentional homemaking throughout the seasons. I wanted one, life-giving place where all the items I used and loved to live, including old things inspired by my upbringing in Iowa like crocks, quilts, wooden toys, and vintage art. This meant that each month I’d sell a collection of antiques I had sourced at thrift stores, antique malls, and estate sales, alongside new items sourced from all over the world, creating a unique opportunity for people to purchase both old and new together, just the way I like to make a home!    

It was in our dining room where I exclusively curated, marketed, sold, and sustainably shipped hundreds of parcels online for several months while carrying our fourth baby, Matilda. Week by week, I began running out of space, our living room being taken over by baskets, brooms and boxes, with nearly every nook and cranny being devoured by both incoming and outgoing merchandise. It was a fun but overwhelming time, fueled by late nights, podcasts, and passion.

One late winter day, when I was rather pregnant, my husband Andrew and I were taking a walk/waddle in our neighborhood when we happened upon what could be the perfect spot to open a small retail and shipping space. A Homesong Market brick and mortar? Could it be? The building had a charming façade, old wood floors that needed sanding, and incredibly high ceilings. The potential was bourgeoning, as was my belly. After an early birth and NICU stay, coupled with the dawn of COVID and several weeks of interior design planning, we finally nestled into our new home on Oak Street in the early months of 2020, offering our team of one, soon to be three, the opportunity to expand in a variety of exciting ways.

My small but meaningful collection of carefully curated goods was able to grow in both breadth and depth, giving our customers more well-rounded offerings that touched on more specific areas of homemaking outside of the everyday essentials we were already carrying like compostable brushes and soap blocks. With more space, I was now able to offer a wider selection of items that we used in our home, branching into gardening, cooking, self-care, reading and crafting, all things that personally give my life great purpose and joy. The shop was slowly beginning to look like our home: a sacred, soul-filled space that both nourishes and grounds our family of six.

Slow living and mindful homemaking have always been braided into my life in some way or another. A curious child, I grew up very close to nature, spending a lot of time on my grandparents farm, in the grassy field behind my home, and in the forest making fort homes under the canopy of trees. In light of my enriching childhood connection to the land and its many inhabitants, it’s important to me that I continue honor it in a myriad of ways, a big one being how I tend to matters of our home. 

I believe that simple acts done with care add up faster than we may realize, each choice we make contributing to the greater whole. As Annie Dillard wrote, How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives.” I not only carry this mindful philosophy with me each day, letting it flow into the work I do and the connections I make, but also, and perhaps more importantly, making sure it is intertwined into the lessons we pass down to and teach our children, taking the time to show them by example, the small but powerful act of treading lightly, and more consciously, on this Earth home we share.  

Homesong Market has slowly evolved into a very personal extension of our home and family ethos. You’ll find items that have been profoundly inspired by our travels to France and Japan, along with my love of well-worn antiques and items I grew up watching my grandma use on the farm. We also carry a lovely range of open-ended art supplies and imaginative toys that speak to the season of motherhood I am in raising four little ones who attend a Waldorf school here in Kansas City. Throughout the year you’ll find specific items that sing to a particular season, along with ordinary essentials that you can use year-round.

It is very important to me that the shop continues to give our team and loyal customers a quiet place to find inspiration and delight amidst the noise, chaos, and speed of life today. We are now a close team of seven, mostly mothers, and together we work hard to keep this little shop going day after day, and it’s truly an honor and joy to be a part of your homes and lives.

With Care,