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Savon Noir Pump Concentrate

Savon Noir Pump Concentrate

Savon Noir Pump Concentrate



This ethically made olive oil black soap is used for sustainable housecleaning and heavy-duty washing. To use, dissolve a small amount into warm water and spray or wipe on ovens, stoves, dishes, tables. No need to rinse afterward. Great for floors, ovens, windows, stains on tablecloths, and machine washing. 

Dimensions | 500ml pump or 1L Bottle

Material | Vegetable base, olive oil, no coloring, no fragrance, biodegradable. 

Black soap is a product made essentially from vegetable oils, caustic potash and vegetable soda. It represents an economical and ecological alternative to the many cleaning and maintenance products available on the market. Have you heard about it and would you like to adopt it? You should know that black soap is an extremely versatile product.

It has been developed to be an unalterable product. It is therefore free of petrochemical ingredients and components.

Black soap is therefore an essential solution for anyone wishing to clean or maintain with a natural product.

To clean the floor : black soap is an excellent degreaser that you can use to clean floors. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it cleans the floor and removes all kinds of impurities. Note that black soap can be used on all types of floors (tiles, terracotta, parquet, wood, etc.).

For cleaning windows : black soap is a very effective product for cleaning glass surfaces. In addition to its cleaning action, it will degrease the surface, leaving a thin layer of "grease" that will protect the windows from stains and dirt. For best results, melt a teaspoon of your black soap in 2 litres of water.

To polish copper and silverware : if your silverware and copper objects are tarnished and completely soiled, don't hesitate to use black soap to scrub them. To do this, you will need to dilute 4 to 5 tablespoons of black soap in a basin of warm or hot water. Then soak your objects in the basin for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove and clean your objects with a soft cloth.

Other uses of black soap
In addition to the above uses, black soap is also used to :

- Cleaning greasy kitchen surfaces
- Cleaning and reviving leather
- Removing grease stains from textiles
- Cleaning and degreasing barbecue grills

 Black soap for washing dogs and pets

Used as a natural shampoo, it gently cleans and shines the coat.
Instructions for use: wet your animal, apply one or two dabs of black soap. Rub in, then rinse thoroughly.


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