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Sustainable Cuban Mop Sustainable Cuban Mop Sustainable Cuban Mop

Sustainable Cuban Mop

Sustainable Cuban Mop



Meet our newest wooden everyday mop, the most sustainable mop around, that’s actually been around for quite awhile! The Cuban Mop is simply crafted to help you with your everyday floor messes, consisting of two poles made of wood that are assembled to form an inverted T. The mop can be used wet or dry, and is sustainable in that you simply wash your cloth when finished! Say au revoir to your plastic Swiffer and bonjour to your new earth friendly friend! 

Dimensions | 47” Long, 13” wide

How to use: fold any small towel over the end to create a mop head, we recommend our Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloth

Step one: wet a cloth with warm water and cleaning solution or leave dry

Step two: wrap the cloth around the Cuban Mop

Place the mop in the center of the cloth, starting from the bottom edge fold one corner over the top of the mop head, repeat the fold on the other side, fold the top corners toward you, then lift the mop slightly and move it towards you capturing the loose ends.

Step three: push the mop along the floor and be careful not to lift it off the floor. When one side is dirty, simply flip it over and use the other side.

Step four: to clean the dirty cloth, toss it in the washing machine. Eco-friendly and sustainable!

We recommend using it with our Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloth - sold separately

*Just a heads up! This large and/or fragile item incurs an additional shipping cost that will be automatically applied at checkout.