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Homemaking is Heart-Shaping

simple. beautiful. useful.

Our Philosophy

Here at Homesong Market we believe that homemaking is heart-shaping, and that the time and energy you fold into creating your sacred space is one of the most precious gifts you can give those you love and care about. With this in mind, we have carefully sourced and curated both secondhand and sustainable home goods with simplicity, beauty, and utility woven into the fabric of all that we offer.

As a shop that values our close connection with the earth, we invite you to slow down with us to tune into the rhythms of the seasons. In doing so, you will find that the small yet meaningful rituals you repeat within your home everyday are what truly add up to living a mindful life.  Considering the quality of what you bring into your home is where we can help you begin this more intentional way of living. 

Whether your soul lights up when making a meal, sipping tea, paring down belongings, lighting a candle, or tidying a closet...we've got just the thing to help you weave mindful magic into the daily rhythms and rituals of your life at home.

“The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.” - Thomas Moore

Homesong Market Handwork

We believe in the beauty of working with your hands and in celebrating the rhythm of the seasons. Join us for a seasonal workshop, a kid's craft circle with your little one, or rent our workshops space for a special occasion. We'd love to have you. 

Come shop our new brick & mortar in the heart of Brookside, a historic neighborhood in Kansas City, and experience the beauty of Homesong Market in person. 

Hours | 10am - 5pm

Days | Tuesday - Saturday 

6213 Oak Street Kansas City, MO 64113

Elevate the everyday at home with all things simple, beautiful, & useful.

Homesong Market Brick & Mortar Shop

6213 Oak Street Kansas City, MO 64113

10 AM -5 PM

Tuesday - Saturday