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Happy New Year! Our first Flea Market of the year is on Saturday, 2/4 at 10 AM CST.

Mindful home goods that elevate the everyday.

Brick & Mortar Store Hours | Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 3 pm | 6213 Oak Street Kansas City, Missouri 64113

simple. beautiful. useful.

Noteworthy Dates for Your Calendar

February Flea Market | February 4th 10:00 AM CST

Whether your soul lights up when making a meal, sipping tea, paring down belongings, lighting a candle, or tidying a closet...we've got just the thing to help you weave mindful magic into the daily rhythms and rituals of your life at home.
Taking time the time to nourish your home, in turn, nourishes all who live there. In this way, homemaking is meaningful an act of love and care. Shop what’s just landed in the shop below!