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Round Dish Brush Round Dish Brush Round Dish Brush Round Dish Brush

Round Dish Brush

Round Dish Brush



Rounded and fan shaped dish brush for scrubbing cutlery, dish-ware, glasses and pots and pans. However, we recommend this brush be reserved for less “heavy duty” scrubbing, as its fibers are a bit softer. 

Iris Hantverk is a small crafts industry located in Stockholm, Sweden. Their brushes are handmade by visually impaired craftsmen using traditional Swedish brush binding techniques. Each brush is both highly functional and beautiful enough to leave out for display. 

 Care | The best way to clean your dish brush is to boil water, pour in a few drops of mild detergent, dip your dish brush and stir. If it is very oily, you may need to repeat a few times. Beat out the water and let it dry so that the water drains away from the brush. Preferably dry hanging. 

Materials | Birch wood handle and horse hair fibers.

Size | 4” x 3”