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Binchotan Charcoal Sticks

Binchotan Charcoal Sticks



Kishu Binchotan charcoal is regarded as the purest and most effective type of activated charcoal and is revered for its purifying ability. These sticks are made from 100% ubame oak and are exactly as they were when removed from the ancient kilns in which they are made.

The high temperatures firing and short cooling times - done by dousing the new charcoal with ash - result in beautiful, glass-like branches of binchotan. This process, called Nerashi, carbonizes the structure of the wood and leaves behind porous cavities that naturally bond with chemicals and other impurities that are often found in tap water. When added to a carafe of water, the thousands of microscopic cavities left in the wood effortlessly remove unwanted toxins and impurities, while softening and improving water's taste.

Completely natural, the sticks are great for the garden and can be broken up and disposed of in soil once they start to diminish in efficacy (about 3 months).

Use | Binchotan charcoal has been used in Japan for centuries to filter and purify water and air. It purifies and draws unwanted impurities out of tap water, naturally softening and improving its taste for up to three months. 

Purifying Water:

Gently place the charcoal in a glass pitcher or container, fill with tap water and let sit for several hours. Pour and refill as needed, leaving the charcoal in place. Use for up to one gallon of water at a time.

Deodorizing Air:

Display charcoal sticks or place bits in places where moisture and smells accumulate. The refrigerator or near a kitty litter box for example.

Care | Boil the charcoal in tap water for 10 minutes every three weeks. This will refresh the charcoal, neutralizing all captured impurities. Replace after three months of use.

Materials | Charcoal made from ubame oak

Dimensions | Each bag includes an assortment of 2 charcoal pieces that are approximately  5" long and 1" wide.