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The New Homemade Kitchen

The New Homemade Kitchen



This is a cookbook of 250 recipes and methods covering a wide range of do-it-yourself food crafting projects from the Institute of Domestic Technology, a culinary school founded in 2012 that mirrors and supports Los Angeles's growing food scene. The book is based on the school's curriculum, with each chapter hailing from a different department, including Pantry, Caffeine, Pickles, Grains, Dairy, Meat & Fish, Spirits, Fermentation, and Dehydration. The chapters include instructions on how to make your own food products and pantry staples, as well as recipes highlighting those very ingredients. Learn how to make your own feta and then bake it into a Greek Phyllo Pie, or dehydrate leftover produce and use it in homemade instant soup mixes. Also included are fun features, such as food crafting charts, historical tidbits, 100+ photos and illustrations, how-tos, and sidebars featuring experts and Deans from the Institute, including L.A.-based cheese-makers, coffee roasters, butchers, and more.