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Rattan Tuscan Laundry Basket

Rattan Tuscan Laundry Basket



Beautiful Rattan laundry basket from Olliella. Sturdy enough for laundry, but beautiful enough to display in your home. The Tuscan is a timeless laundry basket – stackable and handcrafted from 100% Natural Rattan.  

With a strong woven base and reinforced handles, the Tuscan is made for holding laundry, toting household essentials, storing toys, or as a blanket basket to keep by the sofa. 

• Handwoven using 100% Natural Rattan
• Sturdy reinforced woven handles
• Strong woven base
• Handmade in Vietnam
• Holds up to 11 lbs of wet washing

Dimensions | L22” x W16” x H11”