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Mushroom Broom Mushroom Broom Mushroom Broom

Mushroom Broom

Mushroom Broom



Perfect for sweeping foraged mushrooms, brushing a garden potting space or clearing coffee grounds from a surface. These unique and special brooms are hand crafted in Kansas City, MO, by artisan broom maker, Please Send Word. Every broom is handmade which means each broom is absolutely unique.

Dimensions | brooms stand at approximately 7”

Care | 

“When storing your broom, hang it on a hook. This prevents the broom from getting a crook or bend in the sweep.

Hang it in view, within reach - inviting a welcoming relationship with your hand woven broom.

If the broom should get wet, let it dry thoroughly, perhaps in front of a fan.

A seasonal spritz of diluted white vinegar with optional essential oils should do well to keep the broom fresh.

Don’t be afraid to trim your sweep after some time. Your average pair of kitchen scissors should do the job.

A sweep can be rebound onto a handle you’ve grown fond of sweeping with.”