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30 Minutes | 2.14.2023 | Homesong In Your Home Consulting with Amanda Watters

30 Minutes | 2.14.2023 | Homesong In Your Home Consulting with Amanda Watters

30 Minutes | 2.14.2023 | Homesong In Your Home Consulting with Amanda Watters



Shop owner, Amanda Watters, is now offering personal video consulting services for home interiors and design to help you along your homemaking journey. Whether you are renovating a new house and needing assistance in selecting paint colors or choosing finishes, or if you’re simply wanting a refresh in an already lived-in space, Amanda can help guide you in creating a cozy and nurturing living environment that best reflects that life you want to live. Working one-on-one will offer you insight into how she goes about home design, while offering project-specific advice and solutions to your design quandaries along the way.

Amanda is known for creating calming and soulful interiors that focus on blending the old with the new. Her signature style is nostalgic and warm, drawing on her love of Primitive utilitarian craftmanship, along with the timeless charm found in historic European country homes. Her appreciation for layers and textures goes deep, along with her adoration of pre-loved items and imperfect antiques, making her design aesthetic feel familiar and grounding.

Once your consultation is booked, our team will follow up with a detailed questionnaire, offering Amanda insight into your project so she can best assist you during your private one-on-one. You can show your space over photography or video, put together a list of questions to go over ahead of time, or you can simply chat and take notes. This time is yours to use and are designed to be collaborative in nature to help you as best as possible! 

Sessions will take place on Zoom video, and prior to your scheduled consultation you will receive a link via email to join the call with Amanda. You can prepare by filling out the Homesong In Your Home Consulting Form 72 hours prior to your consultation, but it may also be helpful to also prepare a simple document that includes the questions you need help addressing. Feel free to pass along any imagery that you feel will best aid in the conversation, whether that be inspiring images, color pattern options, décor being considered, etc. Please note that because this conversation is happening via Zoom, you may also consider showing live video of the area(s) you need help with if needed. *Homesong Market is located in the Central Time Zone, and all calls will be based on that specific time.

Homesong Home Consulting can offer advice on the following: 

  • Styling surfaces, walls, rooms, beds, and vignets
  • Selecting fixtures, finishes, paint colors, and patterns
  • Creating a cohesive vision for your home design
  • Sharing products, stores, and brands to consider
  • Offering storage solutions
  • Sharing secondhand and sourcing guides
  • Offering insight on career advice for aspiring shop owners or creative entrepreneurs 

This item is FINAL SALE, no refunds. If for any reason you should need to cancel your consultation, you must email our customer service at least 72 hours prior to your call and our team will book a reschedule.