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Enamel Milk Pail & Compost Bin

Enamel Milk Pail & Compost Bin



A lovely addition to our classic enamelware collection, our traditional milk pail is a great option for those who want to compost at home. This piece comes with a secure lid and wood handle for carrying to your bin, and is the perfect countertop size. It does not come with a charcoal purifier, but you could very easily add one if needed. And if not interested in composting, you can use this enamel piece the old-fashioned way to haul liquids or store other beautiful things around your home. 

Enamel has been held in high regard for centuries thanks to its rust-free, surface-sealing, highly hygenic properties, and ease of cleaning.

Materials | Enamel 

Dimensions | diameter 9.5 cm and 21.5 cm high /  3.74" diameter x 8.4" inches high

Care | Hand wash with care

Made in Poland